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Interview with Tom Young, a British artist painting the Holiday Inn in Beirut, Lebanon.


Avsnitt 81: Tom Young – painting the war wounds in Beirut

In the middle of Beirut stands a skeleton of the grim Lebanese civil war, the Holiday Inn, once a luxury hotel and now a bullet-ridden reminder of unhealed wounds. Tom Young is a British artist painting its memories – and possible future – as a way of healing.

Holiday Inn stands as a grim reminder of the civil war in Lebanon (1975–1990). The 26-story building, with a stunning view of the Mediterranean, opened in 1974 in Beirut, the city that the international jet set loved to party in. It only stayed open for a year before combatting groups took over the building, in what has become known as "the Battle of the Hotels".

What impact does such a building have on the city and could it be a place for remembrance in a possible future, or is this to be the great exhibition that never happened? And why did Tom Young feel immediatly at home here?

OmVärlden Podd is a Swedish podcast on foreign policy and global development.

Reporter: Ylva Bergman.