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Episode 46: Extremism in Africa Exposed

Terrorattacks by extremist groups has increased drastically over the last two decades. This podcast investigates the reasons why people in Africa join these groups. 

The United Nations Development Programme has produced a report focusing on the causes of why young citizens on the African continent join different violent extremist groups. The results of the report is not as surprising as they are important to highlight: poverty, insecury as well as political and geographical exclusion. 

The main author behind the rapport, Mohamed Yahya, tells the story about meeting young extremists and former extremists full of anger – but also humanity. In the podcast he discusses the reasons why young people join violent extremist groups and why some of them decide to take their own as well as other innocent people's lives in attacks such as the recent one in Mogadishu, Somalia, where more than two hundred people lost their lives.

There is very little research on the causes and consequences of extremism in Africa. With the new study – "Journey to Extremism in Africa" – a step is taken towards understanding why civilians join extremist groups in Africa. In this podcast OmVärldens' reporter Björn Widmark talks with the author of the UNDP report, Mohamed Yahya.

Björn Widmark and Mohamed Yahya. Foto: Carolina Given Sjölander